Shining Miracles


Experincing God's Intervention in Our Lives

We believe no one is beyond hope. The interviews presented in these episodes are with people who have turned their lives around, leaving the darkest of days behind and starting their journeys over.

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The Idea:
"We had an idea to interview people who had experienced God's presence to try to offer hope to people who were hurting. "

Episode 1 - March, 2022

Damian Miller
"You will be my witnesses,"
Acts 1:8

Episode 2 - April, 2022

Kyle Leonard
'Your life was always meant to be, even in your worst moments, a great demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit" - Rick Renner

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Shining Miracles Podcast

Shining Miracles Podcast is recorded and edited at Angel Valley Studio in Sykesville, Maryland by Executive Producer, John Abato.